Gambling the Aisle literary magazine

Gambling the Aisle is a bi-annual, Denver-based literary magazine, founded in 2011 with the endeavor to support the artistic community of which the editors and staff are members. Considered “Denver’s 2nd Best Lit Mag.” June´s flash fiction is “Goldilocks” by María C. Domínguez

If you want to be awoken from a literary slumber don´t miss “Gambling the Aisle”. A literary magazine dedicated to innovation. Not fearful to take a plunge into authentic art and as Ezra Pound said “make it new”.
Following on you have info about who they are and what they do quoted from their site.


Gambling the Aisle is a chronicle of the curious mind and a record of its risks.
We believe the terms of art should be dictated by expression of the real, rather than the pursuit of a paycheck. We abhor the factory-produced kitsch designed to empty wallets and suffocate the rebel soul. Instead, we delight in creativity that comes on like a panic attack and illuminates an ill-defined recess. The strange will always have a home with us.
Art struggles not against censorship but against apathy. The genuine can be silenced if the false is well-funded; therefore, when the weeds of conformity threaten to overtake the garden, orchids will thrive in the Aisle.


Fiction: Patrick Kelling is a doctoral candidate in Creative Writing at the University of Denver. He graduated with his MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Colorado in 2008, where he was an editor for Square One literary magazine. He has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize and to Best New American Voices.

Flash Fiction: Jenna Park graduated from the University of Denver in 2013 with a degree in Biology and Cognitive Neuroscience, of all things. Jenna writes flash fiction and screenplays; her work has been published more than once on her mother’s refrigerator. Beyond writing, her favorite things are rock climbing, cycling, and big dogs. Jenna resides in Los Angeles, pursuing her MFA in Screenwriting.

Poetry: Adam Van Alstyne spent some time in Pueblo, before spending some time in Boulder, and now spends his time in Littleton. He works as a tester, freelance writer, editor, and gardener. Adam was Mayor of Avondale for seven years before losing the coat in 2010. He reads too much news, drinks too much coffee, and only hears the drum beats.

Visual Art: John Cross makes his home in Longmont where he teaches painting. He received his BFA from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville and his MFA from Fontbonne University in St. Louis. John spends most of his time reinforcing his hypocritical stance on life and seeking out the weird in the most common places.